Overall dimensions of railway cars

Import/export by rail is the fastest and safest way. Transportation shall be carried out using different types of freight cars:

  • tanks;
  • dump cars;
  • covered cars;
  • gondola cars;
  • platforms;
  • bunker-type cars;
  • ref-cars, etc.

Let us consider several basic types of rail cars and their characteristics.

Covered car

This is a type of railway car closed on all sides. It is used to transport goods that need careful handling and to preserve their integrity.

Loading and unloading shall be carried out through the doors in the side walls.

 Interior dimensionsDoor dimensions


Covered carmmmmtm3t
Length15724 26,0138,068,0



*parameters may vary depending on the model and manufacturer.

Gondola car

Gondola cars are designed for cargoes that do not need protection from external factors. They are characterized by high sides and do not have a roof, which allows to fully mechanize the loading.

For transportation of bulk cargoes there are gondola cars with hatches in the floor, which allow to speed up the unloading process.

 Interior dimensionsDoor dimensionsWeightVolumeDownload
Gondola carmmmmtm3t
Length12690 23,075,271,0

*parameters may vary depending on the model and manufacturer.


This is a kind of gondola car with a self-unloading functionality. It is used for transportation of grain, fertilizers, cement, coal, peat and other bulk cargoes. To protect the cargo from precipitation, covered hoppers are used with loading hatches on the roof.

 Interior dimensionsDoor dimensionsWeightVolumeDownload
Length  23,081,070,0

*parameters may vary depending on the model and manufacturer.


Open car for transportation of long and single-piece cargoes, machinery, equipment, containers and even bulk cargoes.

Platforms can be versatile and specialized.

Versatile ones have a strong steel frame and folding side and end boards, while specialized ones do not have sides and are equipped with special devices for securing cargo, as well as for comfortable loading/unloading.

Carrying capacity of the platforms: approximately 60-75 tons.

 Interior dimensionsDoor dimensionsWeightVolumeDownload
Length13300 23,5 71,0

*parameters may vary depending on the model and manufacturer.

Tank car

These are cars of cylindrical shape. They can be framed or frameless. This type of cars is used for the transportation of liquid cargoes, liquefied gases, powdered materials, oil, food products, etc.

 Interior dimensionsDoor dimensionsWeightVolumeDownload
Tank carmmmmtm3t
Length  27,083,067,0

*parameters may vary depending on the model and manufacturer.

Hopper type freight cars

Covered cars with a hopper are designed for transportation of bulk and viscous cargoes: flour, grain, petroleum coke, petroleum bitumen, etc.


Dump car. It is used for the transportation and mechanized unloading of bulk and bulky cargo.

Key specifications of freight cars:

  • tare (weight of an empty car);
  • carrying capacity (maximum weight that can be transported therein);
  • body volume;
  • area;
  • length and other linear dimensions.

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