List of documents for transit through Ukraine (by sea)

  • 3 original bills of lading signed and stamped by the consignee on the reverse side;
  • consignor’s order (if the bill of lading is “TO ORDER”);
  • refusal of the first consignee (if the consignee under the bill of lading changes);
  • confirmation of the new consignee’s readiness to accept the cargo;
  • invoice with translation into Russian;
  • a power of attorney from the consignee to conduct a feasibility study of the cargo, indicating the name of the cargo in Russian, the HS code, and the exact place of the cargo delivery;
  • packing list with translation into Russian;
  • certificate of origin;
  • quality certificate;
  • health certificate (for food products), indicating the date of manufacture and shelf life;
  • phytosanitary certificate (for products of plant origin);
  • veterinary certificate (for products of animal origin);
  • a letter of guarantee for customs clearance within 2 days and to cover the costs of the vehicle downtime.

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