Poland Blocks the Border with Ukraine Again: Possible Consequences

On February 18, 2024, Poland once again restricted movement at all border crossings Jagodin-Dorohusk; Shehyni-Medyka; Rava-Ruska-Hrebenne; Uhryniv-Dolhobychiv; Ustyluh-Zosin; Krakovets-Korchova; Uhryniv-Dolhobychiv. This time, Polish farmers attempted to restrict even the movement of trains and tourist buses, but so far without success. The local police “explained” to them that restricting passenger flow is not permissible.

The reason for the movement restriction is the protest of Polish farmers against the import of Ukrainian agricultural products, as they pose significant competition to their goods. Ukrainian products are not inferior in quality to Polish ones and are much more advantageous in price.

In response to Poland’s actions, Ukraine has closed its roads to Polish trucks.

The situation at the border remains tense. It is expected that restrictions may be extended to other border crossings.

Possible Consequences:

Difficulties in trade between Ukraine and Poland.

Increased queues at the border.

Rise in prices for goods.

Difficulties for Ukrainian citizens traveling to Poland.

Expert Opinion:

Experts do not rule out that Poland may completely close the border with Ukraine. This would have serious consequences for the economies of both countries.


Plan your trips in advance.

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Be prepared for queues at the border.

The situation at the border between Ukraine and Poland is evolving. We will keep track of the news and inform you of any changes.

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