Logistics situation in Ukraine in 2024: new challenges and opportunities

Main problems

The main problems of logistics in Ukraine in 2024 are:

  • Closure of Ukrainian ports. The closure of the Black Sea and Azov Sea has led to a halt in maritime transportation, which accounts for about 70% of Ukraine’s total export and import volume. This has led to increased prices for goods and shortages of many food and consumer products.
  • Closure of air communication. The closure of air communication since February 24, 2022, has resulted in a reduction in international transportation volume. This has complicated logistics for enterprises that export or import goods from abroad.
  • Instability of railway transportation. Railway transportation remains the main mode of transportation in Ukraine, but it is unstable due to shelling and mining on the railway. This leads to delays and disruptions in cargo delivery.
  • Insufficient infrastructure. The logistics infrastructure in Ukraine does not meet the country’s needs. This applies to both transportation and warehouse infrastructure, as many roads, bridges, and warehouses were destroyed during the war, significantly reducing logistics speed.
  • External political factors. The policies of neighboring countries and strikes also affect logistics, causing significant delivery delays and cost increases.

New solutions and opportunities

In the face of new challenges, logistics companies are forced to seek new solutions and opportunities. Here are some of them:

  • Shift towards road and river transportation. Road and river transportation are becoming increasingly important in the face of port closures and restricted air communication.
  • Development of multimodal transportation. Multimodal transportation, which combines different modes of transportation, allows for risk reduction and increased logistics efficiency.
  • Use of new logistics technologies. New logistics technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence can help logistics companies improve their efficiency and reduce costs.

Development prospects

Despite the difficulties, logistics in Ukraine has good development prospects. The war in Ukraine has led to an increased demand for logistics services, creating new opportunities for logistics companies. In addition, the implementation of new logistics technologies will allow logistics companies to improve their efficiency and reduce costs.


The state of logistics in Ukraine in 2024 remains complex and dynamic. Logistics companies are forced to adapt to new challenges and seek new solutions. This creates new opportunities for industry development and increased logistics efficiency in Ukraine.

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