How Much Does International Freight Shipping Cost?


International freight shipping is a complex process involving many stages and factors, from transportation to customs clearance. The cost of such delivery can vary significantly based on several criteria, including the type of cargo, its weight and volume, and the chosen method of delivery. In this article, we will examine the main aspects that influence the cost of international freight shipping.

Key Factors Affecting Cost

  1. Type of Cargo: Hazardous, oversized, or those requiring special storage conditions usually cost more to transport.
  2. Weight and Volume: Most carriers use the concept of volumetric weight to calculate shipping costs, meaning that transporting heavier or larger cargoes will cost more.
  3. Method of Delivery: Air freight is typically the fastest but also the most expensive option. Sea freight is more economical but takes longer. Road and rail transports are somewhere in the middle in terms of price/speed ratio.
  4. Distance and Direction: The distance and complexity of the route also affect the cost. Delivery to remote or hard-to-reach regions will be more expensive.
  5. Customs Duties and Taxes: Depending on the destination country, various customs fees and taxes may be charged, which also increase the total cost of delivery.
  6. Insurance: Insuring the cargo against loss or damage during transportation increases the cost but provides additional security.

Example Rates

Let’s consider approximate rates for international delivery of a 100 kg cargo over a distance of about 5000 km:

  • Air Freight: from $500 to $1500 USD, depending on urgency and additional services.
  • Sea Freight: from $200 to $600 USD, depending on containers and delivery times.
  • Road Transport: The cost can vary widely depending on the exact route and transport conditions.


The cost of international freight shipping depends on numerous factors, and to obtain an accurate estimate, it is necessary to consult the specialists of a logistics company. “Ally Logistic” offers an individual approach to each order, ensuring an optimal balance of price, speed, and delivery security. By turning to “Ally Logistic,” you can count on professional consultation and support at all stages of the international transportation of your cargo.

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