Difficulties of Crossing the Border between Poland and Ukraine. How “Ally Logistic” Helps Clients Overcome These Challenges


The events related to the blockade of the Ukrainian-Polish border in 2023 have garnered global attention. Let’s examine the factors that led to this situation, its impact on bilateral relations, and potential prospects for resolution.

Causes of the Blockade:

The blockade arose due to unsatisfactory resolution of trade disputes between Ukraine and Poland. Trade barriers, customs restrictions, and disagreements over customs duties were the main causes of dissatisfaction. Due to the war, the European Commission eased the process for Ukrainian carriers to obtain permits and abolished duties, which caused discontent among Polish carriers.

How “Ally Logistic” Helps Clients Overcome These Challenges:

In the face of these difficulties, “Ally Logistic” has emerged as a company that assists clients in overcoming the challenges of crossing the border between Poland and Ukraine. Leveraging their expertise and knowledge of the customs procedures and regulations of both countries, they provide guidance and support to ensure smooth and efficient transportation of goods. Their services include assistance in obtaining necessary permits, navigating through customs procedures, and addressing any trade-related disputes that may arise. By offering comprehensive solutions, “Ally Logistic” helps their clients navigate the complexities of border crossing and minimize any disruptions to their business operations.


The blockade of the Ukrainian-Polish border has brought attention to the trade disputes and tensions between the two countries. However, with the assistance of companies like “Ally Logistic,” clients can overcome these challenges and continue their cross-border trade activities. As efforts are made to resolve the underlying issues causing the blockade, it is crucial to have reliable partners who can provide the necessary support and expertise. “Ally Logistic” plays a vital role in facilitating trade between Poland and Ukraine, ensuring the smooth flow of goods, and fostering stronger bilateral relations.

Impact on the Economy:

The economic consequences of the blockade have been negative for both countries. Decreased trade volumes, border delays, and business losses have led to a worsening economic situation.

Political Context:

Events of this magnitude often become the subject of political confrontation. Resolving the issue requires not only economic but also diplomatic and political intervention.

Negotiating Prospects:

Both sides express readiness for negotiations to resolve the blockade. Invitations to dialogue and the search for compromises are the first steps towards resolving the conflict.

Impact on Ordinary People:

The blockade directly affects the lives of ordinary citizens. Difficulties in movement, business losses, and everyday inconveniences pose challenges to society.

Current Situation:

As of mid-January 2024, the blockade of some border crossings has been lifted, but customs clearance remains slow. Despite the capacity of some crossings to accommodate 1,200 trucks per day, only 100-150 trucks pass through customs, while over 1,000 trucks continue to wait in queues.

Main Difficulties of Crossing the Border:

Among the main difficulties of crossing the border between Poland and Ukraine in 2024, the following can be highlighted:

  • Increased waiting time at the border. Due to the increased flow of people and goods, waiting times at the border can reach several days.
  • Document delays. Documents required for crossing the border may be delayed by Ukrainian or Polish customs authorities.

How “Ally Logistic” Helps Clients Overcome These Challenges:

“Ally Logistic” assists clients in overcoming the difficulties of crossing the border between Poland and Ukraine by providing the following services:

  • Document processing. “Ally Logistic” helps clients to process the necessary documents for crossing the border.
  • Consultation. “Ally Logistic” provides clients with consultations on border crossing matters.
  • Organization of cargo escort. “Ally Logistic” can organize the escorting of goods at the border, reducing waiting times and avoiding delays.

Examples of Assistance to Clients:

“Ally Logistic” has helped several clients overcome the difficulties of crossing the border between Poland and Ukraine. Here are a few examples:

  • “Ally Logistic” helped a Ukrainian agricultural producer deliver their goods to Poland. Through proper document processing and organizing cargo escort, the goods were delivered on time despite the increased waiting time at the border.
  • “Ally Logistic” assisted a Polish company in importing equipment from Ukraine. Through consultation on border crossing matters, the company was able to obtain the necessary documents and avoid delays.


“Ally Logistic” offers comprehensive transportation services between Poland and Ukraine. With the experience and professionalism of “Ally Logistic” employees, clients can overcome the challenges of crossing the border and receive their goods on time.

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