Transportation of Wet Blue leather semi-finished product

Transportation of Wet Blue leather semi-finished product
ObjectivesTransportation of Wet Blue leather semi-finished product
Route: Zhytomyr (Ukraine) – Pisa (Italy)



When a new client contacted us about the transportation of this type of cargo, we quickly found a maneuverable and reliable transport for him. To solve the problem, we offered a canvas-top truck with a carrying capacity of 22 tons.

In order to reduce the cost of international transportation, our team has found the most cost-effective and reliable route. We also calculated in advance how many pallets of Wet blue leather semi-finished product could be loaded into the truck according to the specifications, and how to arrange them in the semi-trailer. After our specialists received, loaded and secured the cargo, the client was sent photos of the work done. Thus, we show the whole process and allow the customer to control the work. Further to that, throughout the journey, we informed the client of the location so that he could plan his time accurately.

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