Transportation of hazardous goods (ADR) in barrels

Transportation of hazardous goods (ADR) in barrels
ObjectivesTransportation of hazardous goods (ADR) in barrels
Route: Rotterdam (Netherlands) – Zhytomyr (Ukraine)



Our team can boast of many successful cases, including the transportation of hazardous goods (ADR) packed in bags with barrels that require a certain temperature regime.

To transport this type of cargo, the client ordered a refrigerated truck (REF), which allows maintaining the set temperature required to ensure that hazardous chemicals (ADR) do not lose their properties.

It should be added that the whole process of loading, placing and fastening of pallets was controlled not only by our specialists, but also by the customer. After all, at each stage he received photos of the work performed.

Every time our customers contact us, we calculate everything to the smallest detail to ensure that the delivery is made properly and on time. Therefore, as always, we have chosen a route that allowed us to reduce the cost of the service and reduce the time of the cargo in transit.

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