Transportation of all-terrain vehicle on a trawl

Transportation of all-terrain vehicle on a trawl
ObjectivesTransportation of all-terrain vehicle on a trawl
Route: Dnipro (Ukraine) – Alma-Ata (Kazakhstan)



This cargo exceeded the permissible width and height, but it was not an obstacle for us. A trawl truck (oversized platform) was ordered for its transportation.

Usually, the transportation of special equipment is quite expensive, but to avoid overpayments by the client, we have chosen the right trawl. Besides, to reduce the cost of delivery, our logisticians have found the best route.

All-terrain vehicle transportation details:

  • The client received a photo report as soon as the cargo was loaded and fixed on the trawl;
  • Throughout the route, the customer received information about the location;
  • Delivery was made right on time.

Our company cares about each client, takes into account all his preferences and appreciates time, that is why we carry out transportation properly.

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