Liftvans with personal belongings + car

Liftvans with personal belongings + car
ObjectivesLiftvans with personal belongings + car
Route: Kyiv (Ukraine) – Paris (France)



When you plan to move, the most difficult thing is not to collect things, but to transport them. Especially when it comes to international moving. Therefore, we want to share with you a case where our team helped clients to transport their personal belongings together with the car.

In the photos below, you can see the scale of the assignment and specific processes of implementation.

We transported personal belongings in liftvans – special wooden boxes that reliably protected things from damage and loss. Actually, we provided a canvas-top truck with a carrying capacity of 22 tons, with the rear and side loading and unloading options.

All processes – loading, placement and fastening – were controlled by our specialists, and later they sent pictures to the client to confirm the work done.

Like every transportation ordered in our company, it was also done on time. We regularly notified the customer about the whereabouts of his cargo and chose the fastest route so that the client received personal belongings at the right time.

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