Feed mixers for agriculture (farmers)

Feed mixers for agriculture (farmers)
ObjectivesFeed mixers for agriculture (farmers)
Route: Emsbüren (Germany) – Kyiv (Ukraine)



Our team has calculated the route in detail to reduce the cost of the cargo delivery (transportation).

For the transportation of feed mixers, we provided a canvas-top truck with a carrying capacity of up to 22 tons with rear and side loading/unloading options.

Also, based on the technical documentation, we calculated how much equipment can be loaded into the truck and how to distribute its weight on the trailer axles evenly.
 We controlled the loading, placement, and fastening of the equipment so that the trip was successful. Our customers received photos from the places where all these stages took place. Throughout the route, logisticians informed the customer about the location of his cargo so that he could plan the time of customs clearance and delivery to the destination.

The Ally Logistic team is extremely scrupulous, thanks to which we completed the delivery on time.

We appreciate the trust of our customers and understand the importance of the tasks assigned to us, because their reputation and well-being depend on the quality of our work!

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